Legal Statement

Legal Statement

The platform is intended to serve as a professional and internationalized digital asset trading platform and provide digital-asset financial products services to the vast number of digital asset enthusiasts and users in the world to the greatest extent possible without violating relevant laws and regulations of Australia.

Users are prohibited from using the platform to engage in any illegal transaction, such as money laundering, smuggling and commercial bribery. Where any user is found to have engaged in any such illegal transaction, the platform will immediately freeze relevant accounts and refer the case to the competent authority.

When a competent authority, on the strength of relevant investigation warrant, requires the platform to cooperate with it in investigating any specific user, or to adopt such measures against the user’s account as closing or freezing such account or transferring assets from such account, the platform has the right to provide relevant user data or carry out corresponding operations, so as to assist the investigation in accordance with the requirements of such competent authority. The platform does not assume any responsibility for any direct or indirect loss that the user may sustain due to any disclosure of the user's privacy, or the user’s inability to operate his/her/its account due to such investigation.

As a service provider, the platform will optimize the rules of the platform in accordance with the laws of Australia and ensure the services of the platform conform to the requirements of the regulatory laws of Australia. If any user uses the platform for any illegal purpose or uses the platform to engage in any illegal activity, the platform will not bear any joint or several liability for the user's conducts.

A user who logs into the platform in any manner, or directly or indirectly uses the services of the platform shall be deemed to agree to the content of this Statement and voluntarily agrees to be bound by this Statement.

The platform does not constitute and may not be used for the purposes of an offer or solicitation to anyone in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation is not authorised or to any person to whom it is unlawful to make such an offer or solicitation.

In executing this Agreement, the user agrees that all of the activities that platform conducts with the user takes place within Australia, regardless of where the user may be physically located at the time the user uses the platform or otherwise engage with platform. This means that the user agrees that the parties activities are subject only to the laws of Australia and not to the laws of any other country in which the user may be physically present at any given time, and therefore that any redress the user may seek from the platform in any circumstances must be sought under Australia law. However, the user agrees to comply with all relevant laws and regulations that may apply to users’ application of the platform in any jurisdiction in which the user may be located.

The platform is not making any offer outside Australia. However, an user does not need to be resident in Australia to be eligible to make investment through the platform. Foreign users themselves are wholly responsible for complying with all laws in their respective country of residence or from which they may access the platform and the platform accepts no responsibility for any breach of such laws. Some overseas countries have relevant laws which regulate the digital asset trading, and no offer is made through the platform or may be accepted by any foreign users if to do so constitute a breach of any such law or if to do so trigger any filing or registration or approval requirement.

If the services provided by the platform are deemed as illegal in a country or region or do not meet the requirements of local laws of such country or region, the platform will not offer such services to the residents of that country or region, and will refuse to provide services to the residents of that country or region.

For matters not covered in this Statement, please refer to other relevant rules, regulations or guidelines of the platform. When this Statement or other relevant rules, regulations or guidelines of the platform conflict with relevant laws and regulations of Australia, relevant laws and regulations of Australia shall apply.